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Oivalo Planning

This web based planning software is a tool for forecasting and budgeting.

Account Manager

Our web tool manages account mappings and P&L formulas between accounting systems and different hierarchies.

Weather Data Hub

Manage actual and forecasted weather data from thousands of observation stations. Then, seamlessly link weather data to your business in a BI tool.

Qlik Partner

Oivalo Oy is an Official Qlik Partner.

Qlik Extension for Profit & Loss Reporting

Visual P&L lookalike reporting in Qlik Sense optimizing Qlik features.

Qlik Extensions - SimpleFieldSelect

An open source extension for all your selection needs using the Qlik Sense SimpleFieldSelect. Download it from Qlik branch or GitHub

Oivalo planning

Oivalo Planning has three modules


Driver based Planning - Create plans based on your own KPIs and business logic
Combine business targets and P&L forecasts directly within same driver based planning models

Set targets on daily level

Create easily daily sales budgets directly from monthly forecasts.
Follow operations vs. targets in your BI-tools on day level.

Easy reporting and control

Compare plans to actuals, other planning period, last year in realtime.
Follow and steer planning process, approve plans, summarize multiple units or review planned data on your own reporting structure.

Planning Main features

Multi costcenter - collect data from all costcenters
Multi currency and multi language are supported natively
Multiple planning rounds - Manage easily planning rounds and versions
Fast rolling forecasting process - use previous forecast or actuals as base data for new planning round. Create planning model with for example 3 months actuals, 9 months forecast
Flexible forecasting model Simple or more advanced forecasting model, you choose! Oivalo Planning supports various driver based planning schemes and any P&L structure
Reference values Use history values as reference numbers.
User hierarchy for approval flow, versatile commenting. Manage user access rights and hierarchies to show data with correct user easily. No risk for Excel leaking company actuals.

Several planning input methods:

Absolute valueP&L accounts, amount of customers, business days
Driver basedMultiply amount of customers with avarage spend, Plan salaries using hours and hourly salary, Use reference value like number of weekend days in a month multiplied with another value
Percentage planning modelsPersonel side costs with pre defined percentage, product category sales margin as a percent from planned sales, set a cost based on sales
Summary and info rows can be used in the planning model to give user information how for example Gross Margin % will set, how many weekend days are in planning round.
Monthly or annual inputPlan on annual level and distribute values to monhts using pre-defined multipliers, previous year actuals, previous input or evenly. Or change individual month manually.
All numbers are updated realtime!

Easy and fast setup. No X00k€ project and no high annual maintenance costs.

  • actuals for reference numbers
  • costcenters structure
  • designed and ready planning model
    -> In most cases this planning tool can be taken in to use in one - two days! Pricing after startup project will be monthly.

Simple integration to BI tools (Rest API).
SaaS - no other IT costs
For controller use: Export planned values to CSV/excel for further analysis


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