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Oivalo Planning

A web based planning software for forecasting and budgeting.

Oivalo Finance Bundle

Modern way to present, analyze and control Finance reporting - no more SQL hasling of summary accounts!

CFO services

In case of need for experienced CFO, Business Controller...

Weather Data Hub

Manage actual and forecasted weather data from thousands of observation stations. Then, seamlessly link weather data to your business in a BI tool.

Qlik Partner

Oivalo Oy is an Official Qlik Partner.

Qlik Extensions - SimpleFieldSelect An open source extension for all your selection needs using the Qlik Sense SimpleFieldSelect. Download it from Qlik branch or GitHub

Oivalo Planning is for you IF

The current budgeting process is heavy

You have a budgeting model currently in Excel but it is not flexible to handle different budgeting versions, update actuals, compare forecasts, and consolidate numbers from multiple files.

You want to easily create and handle multiple forecast rounds and versions or have "running forecasting" process.

You want to easily move from full year's budget to ACT+BUD forecast and have it as an alternative version.

You want to use multiple currencies and translate your planning model to different languages

You just spend time with multiple Excels

You want to improve your business planning and analytics

You want to collect and consolidate drivers and planning details from multiple units quickly and easily.

You want to use complex planning drivers

You need to create Profit and Loss budgeting and more detailed operative planning – Oivalo Planning will combine sales drivers to EBITDA in one model.

You want to have budgeting and forecasting numbers as references besides actuals in your reporting system.

You want to get started quickly

You are looking for an enterprise-level tool for planning which has the flexibility you need in your budgeting process without high starting costs on the project and software investment.

You don't want to spend 100k or several months to just try out a budgeting tool

Why Oivalo planning

Effective business planning and leadership

Tailored Planning

Driver based Planning - Create plans based on your own KPIs and business logic
Combine business targets and P&L forecasts directly within same driver based planning models

Rapid setup

Implementation project should take days not weeks and with Oivalo Planning it is more a business than a IT project.

Simple follow up and control

Follow and steer planning process, approve plans, summarize multiple units or review planned data on your own reporting structure.
Compare plans to actuals, other planning period, last year - in realtime.

Planning Main features

Multi costcenter - collect data from all costcenters from many users. Supports easily hundreds of cost centers

Multi currency and multi language are supported natively

Multi round - Manage easily planning rounds and versions without technical support

Fast rolling forecasting process - use previous forecast or actuals as base data for new planning round. Create planning model with for example 3 months actuals, 9 months forecast

Flexible planning model Simple or more advanced planning model, you choose! Combine sales drivers and P&L into same model. Oivalo Planning supports various driver based planning schemes and P&L structures. It is always customer specific planning model.

Reference values Use history actual or other planning round values as reference numbers.

User hierarchy for approval flow, versatile commenting. Manage user access rights and hierarchies to show data with correct user easily. No risk for Excel leaking company actuals.

Microsoft Azure AD (Office 365) integration Existing users from Azure can be used with Single Sign on.

Easy data integration Outcome of Oivalo Planning is easily integrated into any BI tool (Qlik, Power BI, etc) that reads data from REST API.

SaaSOivalo Planning is SaaS and mainly requires business competence to setup. Not an traditional IT project at all.

Several planning input methods:

Absolute valueP&L accounts, amount of customers, business days
Driver basedMultiply amount of customers with avarage spend, Plan salaries using hours and hourly salary, Use reference value like number of weekend days in a month multiplied with another value
Percentage planning modelsPersonel side costs with pre defined percentage, product category sales margin as a percent from planned sales, set a cost based on sales etc
Summary and info rows can be used in the planning model to give user information how for example Gross Margin % will set, how many weekend days are in planning round.
Monthly or annual inputPlan on annual level and distribute values to monhts using pre-defined multipliers, previous year actuals, previous input or evenly. Or change individual month manually.
One account - multiple costcenters inputSet numbers to one account over multiple costcenters at once.
Graphical inputSee numbers in graphs and edit values from graph with reference line.
Dimensional planningSplit one account into several named or unnamed entries like persons, customers etc
All edited values are updated realtime and user will see end result all the time!

Easy and fast to setup. No X00k€ project and no high annual maintenance costs.

Simple integration for the planned data wit BI tools (Rest API) - Qlik and Power BI tested.

SaaS - no other IT costs

For controller and admin use: Export planned values to CSV/excel for further analysis, read planned data easily to existing BI system (Prodcution environments done with Qlik and Microsoft Power BI, works with other too). Import planning values, Copy planning round with values, update actuals, use actuals or other planning round for reference numbers, monitor planning progress...

Oivalo Finance Bundle

Simple to setup when access to row level accounting (or other) data exists for the Qlik or Power BI setup

Allows fast modification, duplication of required reporting structure

No summary accounts or any other fancy data models behind - allows row level drilldown.

Best when you have to report Profit and Loss, Balance sheet and other Financial numbers in several different ways to many different stake holders.

You want to modify reporting structures by yourself

Visualization and export to excel and clipboard with numbers (Qlik Sense only)

Oivalo Finance Bundle - components

Use all together or separately with your current system

Account manager

Control account mappings and P&L formulas between accounting systems and different hierarchies.

Tested with Qlik and Power BI

Access data through API

Can be used with Oivalo Planning to show planned figures with reporting structures used elsewhere

Qlik Sense P&L Extension

For Qlik Visual P&L lookalike reporting in Qlik Sense optimizing Qlik features.

Ready Qlik data models

YTD, MTD, LTM, LY, etc models


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